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You're now on your way to becoming a member of the Shakr Designer Program. We will get in touch with you shortly with more details, so keep an eye out for us in your email inbox. Please note that it might take a few days for us to process your application so don't worry if you don't receive anything for a few days. For now, why not check out our designer community? In the community you can all the relevant info you'll need, and you can ask us any questions you might have, just register and write in an existing thread, or start a new one. Here are som relevant quick links:

How To Make Your After Effects Project File Shakr Ready - How to edit your project file for Shakr (it's not hard, we promise)

How to design for customers at the Shakr Marketplace - Learn what's popular on the Shakr marketplace

Information about Shakr Designers Revenue Settlement - Learn about commissions and payments

Introduce Yourself - Tell us who you are!