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A report of use/sale will be sent via email on the 10th of each month. The report will look like the image below. For coupons, *(Biz Coupon)* will be indicated.

Starting from November 9th, 2015, CCBY licensed music cannot be used in Shakr templates. Please use Shakr Music Library, Public Domain, Self-composed music or Shakr’s partnerships that provide high-quality music for your templates.



Muserk, a digital music licensing platform with 50,000 + tracks, has become Shakr's partnership. With this partnership, a Muserk Pro Account will be given to Shakr designers. Muserk currently has 50,000+ tracks and every month 500 new tracks are added. All tracks are high quality premium audios that can be used without copyright issues. For any Muserk audio(music/sound effect), 4% will be deducted from the sale you make.

In Muserk, even if one(music/sound effect) is used, because it was accessed with a Premium Account, the same 4% will be deducted from the sale you make.

Request Muserk Pro Account

Find what you want by selecting the genre, mood, tempo etc.

A maximum of 3 songs can be used in one template. However, you may not use a mixture of Epidemic Sound and Muserk. Please include the audio info.(link, title, composer/singer) when sending the template information.



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Shakr Designer Program Guideline & Rules

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Shakr Designer Agreement: English(original) / Korean(translation)

Shakr Designer Program Guideline & Rules: English(original) / Korean, Japanese(translation)