Shakr Designer Program Guidelines

On the Shakr Marketplace, the end user can customize your Adobe After Effects project file (a "template") in the Shakr video editor. NOTE: The end user never gets access to your AE project file, so you never have to worry about end users copying your AE project file or use it more times than you want. On Shakr, one purchase means one finished, downloadable video without a watermark. Before the end user purchases their customized version of your video template, they get to see a watermarked version which isn't downloadable. This is so that the end user can see how great the video looks, before committing to buying the end result. 

This means that when you sell a video on the Shakr Marketplace, you're granting the buyer an unlimited license to use that file in any way, but you retain ownership and copyright of the Adobe After Effects project file and can sell as customizations of your template as you want. Once you upload an item, it can be purchased an unlimited amount of times!

Everything you sell as a designer on the Shakr Marketplace must be your own original content, and if you use any assets that are owned by someone else, you must have a license that grants you permission to use and resell them.


The Rules

We ask that as a member of the Shakr Designer Program you always abide by the Designer Agreement and the following rules:

  1. The items you upload for sale must be your own creation. Do not submit works based on tutorials or other people's designs. Any copyright infringements will result in the affected templates being taken down. The designer is responsible for any legal problems that might arise because of copyright infringement. 
  2. You must have the rights to license the items you upload, either because they are your own original content, or because you have a license that grants you permission to include with your item. Shakr gives you the option of using Shakr Premium Design Resources, where you can access media for a revenue share.
  3. If a sale occurs through Shakr's sales agencies (coupon sales and marketing campaigns through channels with a larger user base) to attract more customers, you'll be paid 70% of the revenue after the commission fee is deducted. For example, Shakr has a partnership with RESAAS, a social network for real estate agent, which has 300.000 registered agents. In return for promoting Shakr (and in effect, you), Shakr gives RESAAS members a 10% discount. For example, if you have a $100 video template and a RESAAS member buys it, your commission will be ($100-$10)*0.7=$63 instead of $70. We do this to grow the Shakr marketplace so that you can sell more templates, and we will always be conservative in using this approach. If you have any concerns about this, please contact
  4. If you believe that anyone on any of the Shakr Marketplace has copied one of your items or is otherwise infringing upon intellectual property rights, please report this behavior to
  5. Do not upload items that contain explicit profanity, nudity, drugs or extreme violence.
  6. Everything uploaded to the Shakr Marketplace should be appropriate for commercial sale.
  7. Shakr reserves the right to add your template to relevant collections on the Shakr Marketplace (or remove from un-relevant collections) and localize the sample text (if relevant) for other geographical markets.
  8. You agree that Shakr can resell your template under the Shakr brand on the "Yahoo Video Creator" website in Japan. Because of legal reasons we can only sell your template under the Shakr brand, but you will still get 70% of the revenue generated from each sale.
  9. You might be featured in our marketing campaigns, for example, "Designer of the week" on our website, social media or email newsletter. Unless asked, the only thing which will be published is your brand name. 

If you have any questions about the designer guidelines, please contact us at