[Motion Graphics TIP 09] Principles of Design

Are you a motion graphics designer?

Have you felt like something's missing in your work?

Here are some TIPS!!

The most basic, but important! This will help you to increase your completeness.





Add design elements that can make something stand out better.

The elements in a contrast are size, position, color, texture, shape, and orientation.

Black and lime. This is a contrast that stands out very well.

Below is an example with legibility problem. Using similar colors doesn't make a good contrast.



Make a visual connection by systemizing the design elements with great contents.


Repeat design elements to make rhythm.

However, repetition and rhythm are totally different. The image above explains them well. Repetition is organized but rhythm is messy.



Group similar design elements by placing them close to each other.

Take a look at the images below.

Are you ready to make some outstanding motion graphics?

The TIPS will continue on our next post [Motion Graphics TIP 03].