[Motion Graphics TIP 02] The Fundamental Elements of Design


Are you a motion graphics designer?

Have you felt like something's missing in your work?

Here are some TIPS!!

The most basic, but important! This will help you to increase your completeness.


The most basics that we always skipped!

What does it mean to make a brand into an icon? It's not just a logo.

The iconic brands have quality, passion, desire, and hope in them.

And all these make the customers to have loyalty towards the brand,

which eventually ends up with a purchase.

Then how can we make a brand icon with these elements of design?

We'll start with the easy stuff.


A dot makes a line. A line has a direction, method, gesture, soul and a life.

When lines are gathered, a 2D object is made. We call this 'shape' or 'outline'.

These shapes are orderly and geometric. Others are not, but instead they're systematic.

And when shapes are gathered, something new is created.


Contrast? Yes, a contrast is one of the basic principles in a design.

Placing similar elements differently makes a contrast.

Not only a contrast of black and white. But the 'color' has numerous colors in it.

Just like 'warm' is a comparison of 'cool', complementary colors also exist.

A color can be defined as 'hue'. We usually know this as yellow, green etc.

A hue is known as the brightness level.

Color, is the first element that we notice. And the definition of color is a 2D element.

Then how do we combine all these?


Composition Order: A pattern is formed when something is repeated and transformed.

Try using this in a traditional or modern method.


Shape of a 3D Partnership: The most basic. Try mixing something complicated.

It's important to combine things while still being simple.


To make a design is to make something balanced by using these principles.

Now, are you ready to make motion graphics?

The TIPS will continue on our next post [Motion Graphics TIP 03].