[Motion Graphics TIP 01] Elements of Design

Are you a motion graphics designer?

Have you felt like something's missing in your work?

Here are some TIPS!!

The most basic, but important! This will help you to increase your completeness.


Other than the most basic elements of design: dot, line, and side

this video explains the elements in motion graphics.


The rhythm boom boom!

It's falling! This indicates the balance.

And transparency.



Design is not a science. Just move things around until it feels right

- Matte Greenwood


This is Matte Greenwood's way to explain elements of motion graphics.

He animated the elements to deliver his message more clearly.

The TIP that you need to remember is that each element has it's characteristic.

Express each detail in its own way!


Are you ready to make better motion graphics?

The TIPS will continue on our next post [Motion Graphics TIP 02].