[Global Portfolio] Shakr and Shakr Designers

Are you a motion graphics designer?



What is Shakr?

Shakr provides diverse video templates produced by professional motion graphic designers. The customers can easily create professional looking videos by customizing it. Shakr videos are for everyone(individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations).


To understand this more easily, Shakr and the designer is similar to a relationship between AppStore and an app developer.


Q. Who are Shakr's customers?

A. Starting from car dealerships such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Honda, Mustang, Toyota, Kia etc. to hair salons, clinics, restaurants, shopping malls, designer portfolios, advertising lectures and books, and many other businesses are currently using Shakr.


AA KBS Korean magazine KWAVE, is also a customer of Shakr. This magazine reports on Korean culture and has fans from 137 countries around the world.


A. Social commerce sites such as Interpark, Tmon etc. also use Shakr templates. Have you ever imagined your music being used in social commerce ads? Shakr can make your portfolio more interesting.


Who Are Shakr Designers?

Shakr Designers are those who use their talent so that everyone could make cool videos. Students, freelancers, office workers, professors... Anyone who loves to make videos and knows how to use Adobe After Effects, can become a  Shakr Designer.

Shakr is available in English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Customers around the world will use your template. With your talent, you can impress everyone with amazing videos. You can also make long-term incomes. Make your talent valuable by walking with Shakr.

We've prepared three interviews from our Shakr designers.

"Express your artistry"

"Done whenever"

"Steady profit every month"


What Can My Talent Do?

Most SMBs don't have several thousands of dollars to invest in a video ad. However, with your talent, anyone can easily make video ads.

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, letters for family and friends... Provide a wonderful experience for everyone to make amazing videos that expresses their love and happiness.


The Opportunities For Shakr Designers


Audi, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Kia, etc. are brands that are using Shakr templates. Fill your portfolio with your template in famous car brand ads. Social commerce sites such as Interpark, Tmon etc. are also customers of Shakr. Have you imagined your template being used in social commerce ads? This could be your chance to make it happen.


Students, freelances, office workers, professors... Anyone can become a Shakr designer. How is it possible to be a Shakr designer while committing to your current job? Once you upload a template, you don't need to spend any more time. You'll be receiving a long-term income with the templates that you've uploaded.



At Shakr, designer is the boss. Stop making templates that the clients ordered, but instead express your artistry. Your talent, artistry and creativity can become a solution for numerous people. 

Revenue share

The designer can set their own template's price. And for each template that is sold, the designer takes 70%. Some of our designers, sold $20,000 worth last year for a template that was released on May 2013. 


"Use your talent to receive profit."