Shakr Tips #8: Facebook Cover Videos

 WeWork Facebook

WeWork Facebook

Did you know that you can use videos as cover on your corporate page? A cover is regarded very important as it is one of the first contents that visitors see when they enter your page. Also, using videos as covers give the stronger identity of your brand, thus resulting in more effectiveness.


  • Smallest size supported is 820x312 (pixels), and 820x456 is recommended. However, since size is automatically adjusted when uploaded to Facebook, 1280x720 video works as well.
  • Length should be around 20~90 seconds. You can also loop the video.
  • Wave file (.wav) is recommended for audio.


  • Since recommended size is fit for mobile, even if you upload by recommended size, top and bottom should be cut off a little. Thus, it is recommended to place the logo or slogan towards the center of the video so that viewers have no problems watching it from PC.
  • Facebook Cover videos will autoplay the video muted, and viewers have to manually turn on the audio. We recommend making a video that can deliver the message visually without the audio.
  • Length of Facebook cover video ranges from 20~90 seconds. Thus, it is important to show your brand in this range of time.
  • Given how fast the landscape of social media change in this age, we do not recommend sticking with one content for a long time. How about setting a period of your contents, and decide on which content would be suitable for different seasons?

I hope you got a greater understanding of Facebook Cover videos. Now you can make video designs that make charming interactions and provide ample experiences for potential customers!