Shakr Tips #7: Dynamic video ad

Today in continuing series of Shakr Tips, we are going to learn about dynamic video ad.

What is Dynamic video ad?

dynamic nike

Dynamic video ad is marketing method of making targeted ad contents for a specific target audience. By making a specific video for a specific audience, dynamic video ads can achieve higher performance. Shakr is suited for dynamic video ads, as the whole platform is designed to perform easy A/B testing with one video design. Since most of the ads are exposed in mobile, we will use square aspect ratio video design as an example in this post.

Basic structure

As stated above, this video has mobile-optimized square aspect ratio. It is recommended to make the video simple and short(ten seconds maximum). Since we are not sure of how much text we need for each video, we recommend having maximum space for text as possible. However, if you want to retain some specific design elements, you can also make a little variation between video designs. For example, below are variations with either four lines of text or two.


While two videos are extremely similar, the text is now decreased to two lines, and has ranks according to the number of letters per line. The user can make simple video ad by utilizing a design that has a simple structure of just one scene, and fit for any text.

* Using just one cut is not a must. While having multiple cuts is possible, given the characteristics of dynamic video ads, we recommend using just one cut.


We recommend sticking to single-cut video with single user media and text that suits the design. Unlike other videos that consist of multiple cuts, the dynamic video does not require transitions. It will be easier to design the template if you plan the structure in advance. Keep in mind that users would want to deliver their contents in various ways using your design in a preferably simple manner.



Sound can be a cumbersome problem given how short the video is. You can start with Shakr-provided Epidemic Sounds’ SFX-STINGS menu to browse through audio sources that are designed with short length in mind. When you select a sound, keep in mind that short videos tend to loop numerous times.

* It is important to find the sound that suits your design, rather than length. If the length doesn’t fit, you can always edit the sound.



Making a space for logos is recommended as it is an effective way to advertise the brand. However, we recommend making an additional design that doesn’t have the logo, so that the user can choose between two.

Quick Start

Here are some sample After Effects projects for those having troubles with dynamic videos.

I hope you now have basic ideas about the dynamic video ad.
Next time, we will return with more Shakr Tips!