Shakr Tips #6: Tips on Making Vertical Videos

Continuing on the theme of vertical videos, today we would like to share few tips on making an interesting vertical video.

  • Short Video
    Given mobile ads has fast contents consumption speed, viewers tend to stop in the middle of a long video, even if the video is interesting. Also, keep in mind that Instagram Stories limits video length to 15 seconds.
  • Progress Display Design
    Using progress bar on the top of the screen, you can give a contrasting effect on movement in the ad. Using time display, it is possible to figure out how people are consuming your contents.

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  • Suitable texts
    Given the vertical nature, it is recommended to use fonts that are narrow, (ex. Bebas) or design with several lines of text.
  • Visually appealing design
    Since the video plays by default without sound, the viewers should understand the message your video is trying to send by just seeing it with their eyes.
  • Split screen
    While mobile display is small, the ways to use that small display is limitless. Split the display in two or more sections to pace various stories at once.

This concludes our tips on vertical video production. Use these tips to create effective vertical video ad!