Shakr Tips #5: Platforms that use vertical videos

You may remember from last post that vertical video is used on various platforms. As people spend more time on mobile devices, many businesses and brands began to realize the potential and marketing effects of vertical videos. Especially, full screen contents, one of the characteristics of vertical videos, can grab users’ attention in refreshing ways. Today, we are going to learn about platforms that use vertical videos.

1) Instagram Stories

From the top of the feed, you can see Stories from your friends and your favorite businesses. When there are updates, a radiant ring is put around the profile. When a follower taps on a business profile, you can see the particular business’s story. When you are watching a Story, you can tap right or left to view previous or next contents, and swipe up to view the particular post in detail through a web link. Story post is deleted 24 hours after the inital upload, and viewers cannot like or comment on the post. Instead, they can send direct messages.

2) Instagram Stories Ads

These are video ads that are played between Stories. These ads are exposed to audience that advertisers have targeted, and unlike Instagram Stories, audience can see the ad even without following the account. While the viewer can swipe up the video to see more information just like Instagram Stories, the advertiser can only upload one video on Instagram Stories Ads.

After its launch, many people are uploading various aspects of their everyday life through Instagram Stories. Not only ordinary users, but businesses are also using the platform to share their news to followers using the platform.

Instagram Stories is a popular platform, with 150 million Instagram users using it every day, and 1 out of every 5 Instagram Stories invoke a Direct Message reply. Also, 70% of Instagram users follow at least one business account. Designing a video ad for Instagram Stories will help you boost your brand in a significant way.

Purpose of advertisement

  • Brand recognition
    Raises recognition of a business, a product, an app, or a service
  • Lead to interest
    Lead potential customers to learn more about your product or service.
  • Turnover
    Increase sales, app downloads, or visitors to a store

Behavioral Derivation Designs

  • Swipe up
    You can add links at the bottom of the Story so that the viewer can swipe up to visit webpage about the product that the Story was mentioning. You can design the ad to lead the viewer to check the link by swiping up.
  Instagram Business Blog

Instagram Business Blog

  • Tapping the profile
    By tapping on top-left part of the display, the viewer can visit the business’s profile. It is a simple, yet effective way for the viewer to check out the profile.
  • Tap to next Story
    By tapping right or left on a Story, the viewer can check out the next or previous Story post. This is more effective in Instagram Stories, as it allows multiple uploads compared to Instagram Stories Ads, which only allows one upload.

It is also possible to add variations* to the original vertical video including these behavioral derivation designs.

*Variation: Templates that are identical to original designs, but with additional design elements or different required media. Usually includes length, color, photo, video, and text.


  • Length: Less than 15 seconds
  • Size: 720 x 1280, or 1080 x 1920
  • Audio: WAV

Each Instagram Story post is limited to videos under 15 seconds, so you have to keep that in mind when making the video. Stick to 9:16 aspect ratio, with either 720 x 1280 or 1080 x 1920 being viable options. Also, audio for the video should be made with WAV.

Quick Start

If you are having a hard time with vertical videos for Instagrams Stories or Ads, you can check out sample After Effect files below: (insert files)

We hope you’ve got a better understandings of how Instagram utilizes vertical videos. Now, we will continue our walkthrough of vertical videos on the next post!