Shakr Tips #4: Tips on Making Mobile Videos

Last time, we learned about types of mobile videos. Today, we would like to tell you about some tips on making mobile videos.

While cool design or gorgeous visuals are important, there are more factors to consider when making effective mobile videos. Here are few tips on factors to consider when making a mobile video.

  • Don’t make it too long
    Fifteen-second mobile videos are the trend in recent years. People prefer short ads over long ones, and given how fast the consumption of mobile ads is, viewers feel fatigue on long videos, even if the video is interesting.
    Unless there is a specific reason, it is recommended to make the video within fifteen seconds.
  • Hook the viewers as fast as possible
    For TV ads, since viewers typically watch in entirety, it is okay to have the central message of the ad at the end. However, in case of mobile videos, 47% of the central message is already told within the first three seconds, and 74% is done within ten seconds. That’s because as time passes by, the viewers’ interest will decrease. Thus, it is important to have your message as early as possible in the video.
  • Expose your brand early
    Brand is more than just a logo. Use elements of your brand early in the video, such as text, color, or any visual elements. The earlier the brand is exposed in the video, more effective the message becomes, and higher the achievement becomes.
  • Visualize your message
    Try to deliver your message visually, instead of video itself and audio. You can still say what you want to say effectively by using graphics, text, and design elements.
  • Sound
    You can also utilize sound to effectively deliver your message. However, since most platforms start playing video ads without sound, you could use design elements to encourage viewers to turn on the sound.
  • Fast pacing
    In mobile videos, fast pacing is essential in order to immediately hook the viewers, and dive right into the story that video is giving. Try to use fast cuts or sound with fast rhythms.
  • Optimize aspect ratio for mobile environment
    Use mobile-optimized aspect ratios like 1:1 (square) or 9:16 (vertical) to make the video more visually appealing on mobile.
  • Fitting texts and graphics
    If text is either too small or too much, users may feel fatigue. It is important to strike the balance in terms of size of the text and graphics. You have to think how much text users would want to put in at certain section, so we recommend considering that when designing the template.
  • Utilize split screens
    While mobile displays are small, ways to use is infinite. You can try using split screens to pace various stories at once.

tl;dr) Deliver the core message within the first three seconds, and use dynamic graphical effects to deliver vivid story. Also, try to use split screens or grid.

In mobile environment, making efforts trying to effectively deliver the clear message in short time can deliver great results.

This concludes Shakr’s tips on making mobile video ads!