Shakr Tips #15: Fonts

On today’s episode of Shakr Tips, we are going to talk about fonts.


Fonts are important aspects of design. Given how important it is, many designers put a deep thought into how to make fonts work on their designs. We have some tips for you designers who are having a hard time finding the right fonts!

1. Select fonts that fit your design or concept


Choosing the right font is something that designers spend most of their design process. The font in question has to both fit the style of the template, and be legible.

In Shakr, we consider versatility is the most important aspect in designing a template. If you are having a hard time finding the right font, starting with sans-serif fonts is always a safe bet, since they work well with most video design styles. (e.g. Montserrat, Bebas, etc)

2. Use identical fonts


It is not recommended to use too many fonts on a single design. Using different fonts for each cut hinders not only the consistency of the overall design but also legibility. Having uniform font selection improves the legibility by having viewers’ eyes familiar to the font. Also, it helps with uniformity of design and gives stability and strong identity. It must be said if you have a clear objective by using different fonts, feel free to do so. But in most cases, using a single font is more preferable.

3. Design using hierarchy

While using the same font is all good, giving a small variation is also a good idea. It is just like when you read a magazine — if you used large and bold text for the headline, you may want to use smaller and thinner text, different color, or different font altogether for sub-headline or main text to give hierarchy to the design. This improves the way the message is delivered by helping viewers know where to look a lot faster.

4. Tips on legibility

It must be noted that legibility not just depends on just text, but also on images underneath the text. A quick solution to this would be adding Drop Shadow effect, or having a box around the text. Or, for more advanced methods, try utilizing Blending Mode or transforming text using other effects.

5. Text animations

download (2).gif

When watching a video, viewers’ eyes tend to follow the direction of motions. Thus, animation should be designed so that the eyes naturally follow the motion. If the animation is not designed properly, mismatching motion direction alone can throw off the viewer even if the text has solid legibility. The motion also should be long enough to give time for viewers to finish reading the text before going over to next scene.

This concludes our tips regarding fonts. Of course, there are plenty more on how to use fonts properly for video designs, and continued study only will make your skills more complete.

See you in the next episode!