Shakr Tips #13: Create to Convert

Today in Shakr Tips, we are going to learn about making C2C (Create-to-Convert) designs for Shakr.

C2C is one of Facebook Creative Shop’s creative strategies in which advertisers can use four short videos with simple motions and apply to DR campaigns. C2C consists of Basic Motion, Brand in Motion, Benefit in Motion, and Demo in Motion. In today’s post, we will learn about characteristics of each.

* Production tips: Aspect ratio for C2C video template should be mobile-optimized square(1:1), with the overall length, not exceeding 10 seconds, and the total number of images limited to five(including a logo image). You may have to take into the effect of repeated play of the video since it is very short.

Basic Motion

Basic Motion is used for the basic representation of your product or brand. It uses the most basic motions or transitions without having too many design elements.

Droplet-Basic-Motion_en (2).gif

Brand in Motion

Brand in Motion is a type of videos designed to emphasize the brand, by using methods such as showing brand logo in the first 3 seconds or keep exposing the logo throughout the video.


Benefit in Motion

Benefit in Motion is designed for promotions of an event or a product. It is structured so that the text at the beginning can invoke viewers’ interest. One thing different from Basic Motion and Brand in Motion is that it has text at the beginning. Thus, it is advisable to put in more than two lines of text to have enough contents.

download (1).gif
download (2).gif

Demo in Motion

Demo in Motion is designed to effectively demo apps, websites, products or feature. Since demo of products or features can be done through other designs, it primarily focuses on apps or websites. The easiest example would be designs utilizing mobile mockups or browsers for scenes from websites.


These are four types of C2C videos. Once you understand the structure, it should be not difficult to implement them into your design. Think of it as going through Variation process after finishing up a version.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that these structures are not the absolute answers, and you don’t have to make all four designs. Depending on how a user uses the design, Basic Motion can turn into Brand in Motion.

Or, you can boldly go where no one has gone before and make a new structure for yourself!