[2014 Top 3 Shakr Designers]

We've prepared a mashup video of templates in 2014.

Before we announce 2014 TOP 3 Shakr Designers, let's watch this video!

 The video included some of our popular templates. At Shakr, we have a similar structure to app developers who develop and upload in App Store. The Shakr designers take 70% of the sales they make.

Shakr has found a solution for the customers who struggle to make templates. And Shakr designers have been a huge part of this solution. Now we want to announce TOP 3 designers.

Total: Sold 406 templates, Earned $20,000+
(DEC 31, 2014)


Who's 'Dreaming' ?

'Dreaming' is the No.1 designer (by revenue) and the templates are loved by many customers. More than 750 customers used this designer's templates.

Total: Sold 675 templates, Earned $20,000+
(DEC 31, 2014)


Who's Gwon Bogyu?

Bogyu started his career as a mobile service planner/designer at Pandora TV. He produced many promotional videos, music videos, info-graphics etc. Currently he's a designer in Shakr and develops various contents.

Total: Sold 303 templates, Earned $10,000+
(DEC 31, 2014)


SLIMTEAM mainly designs promotional/stage videos for broadcasting shows/dramas. The major works were SBS show 'Thank you' teaser/computer graphics, SBS drama 'Faith' and MBC 'Star Audition: The Great Birth' opening title, JTBC 'Hot Entertainment News' program package, 'Miracle Korea' 1st episode opening/stage.

If you know how to use Adobe After Effects, no matter who you are, you can also register as a Shakr designer. The next blog post will be on personal interviews from our 2014 TOP3 designers.