Premium Design Resources! #10 Effective Video Ads Part 1

Today we wanted to share a few things on how to make effective video ads.

Up until recently, only big companies could afford to make and run video ads. They needed to pay a lot to create videos, and they also paid the TV companies to air them. So for small and medium businesses, video ads were something that they couldn't afford. However, everything changed with the internet and all the possibilities that gave. Now online video advertising is growing every year, and small and medium-sized businesses want to get in on the action. For them, it's not optional anymore. Video ads currently play a crucial role in the marketing battlefield. 


So how does this relate to you?
You play the main role! SMBs don't know HOW to create video ads, only that they want to do it. They don't even know how to customize Adobe AE files. That's where
Shakr, and you come in. With Shakr, small and medium sized businesses can make online video ads right in their browser, without downloading complicated AE project files to customize. But Shakr without any templates won't help them. Which means that you're really important. Without you there are no templates, without your templates there are no video ads to show in the battlefield. So you're a VIP for SMBs all over the world! With your creativity, small and medium businesses can make ads that challenge the big players in their industry. It's up to you to help them! 

Have you checked the tips and tutorials on Designers Website and the Community? For those who are still struggling to upload to Shakr Marketplace, we've prepared an Adobe After Effects open source! This project file has the most basic structure of a video ad. Add your creativity, customize it and make your very own video template! Please click the button below to download.

For Facebook and YouTube, it's very important to attract the viewers in just 3-5 seconds. Which eventually means that the intro. for the music is also very important. 
However, when we ask our designers on what they're struggling with, it was 'editing music'. And that's why we've prepared music with attractive intros just for you!


Can't figure what template you should design? Are you struggling to find Sample Images and Music? Then check out our Shakr Premium Design Resources!