[Design Lounge October Course] Review/Interview

The October Design Lounge Course ended this week. Design Lounge is an open workspace for the designers provided by Shakr and D.Camp. The October course was a workshop(4 weeks) to help the designers to increase their capability. 

Thank you Taewoan for being the best lecturer! 

And also, a big thank you to the 4 designers who diligently came to the courses! (Kim Gun Ill, Seo Areum, Lee Won hong, choi Hyeon Jeong)

For the designers who missed the October course, we've prepared an interview for you! 

1. Please introduce yourself..

My name is Choi Hyeon Jeong. I’m a motion graphics designer.


2. Have you participated in any Design Lounge Seminars?

Yes. And every seminar inspired me. The seminars helped me a lot because they taught me the video ad trends, related information and tips/techniques on how to make Shakr templates.


3. How did you hear about the Design Lounge October Course?

I heard about the seminar through Facebook.


4. What made you take this course?

I saw the merit in making revenue with the videos I designed. People who work in video related industries tend to feel really empty inside. For example, we don’t have the freedom to make what we want. We always need to satisfy the customers. Unstable incomes and so many reasons to why we feel so empty. And this is why I joined this course because I thought that Shakr could be the solution to my emptiness. 


5.  What did you learn in this course?

This course gave me hope that I’ll make revenue as long as I’m diligent in making videos. My techniques and skills also increased. Taewoan’s tips and resources stirred the passion inside me.


6. Please write a review of the course.

It was a "lucky coincidence" that I got to know Shakr. I hope to keep in touch with Shakr even in the future and express myself through my videos. Although the course was totally free, all the tips were high quality. But unfortunately, this course can be a bit difficult for the beginners.

Shakr gave me a change to free myself from the dependent revenue structure. Just like the developers who upload their products to AppStore, uploading videos and stepping into the global platform...it's just an awesome opportunity for me. I saw the bigger world.


7. Did you know about Shakr Platform before? As a designer, what is your thought about Shakr?

I got to know Shakr through Facebook. Shakr is really attractive because it helps the designers to make revenue with their projects. Shakr’s new and still has some limits in designing, but I belive in Shakr that it'll improve and become better.  


8. Do you plan to use Shakr Platform in the future?

Yes, of course! I also want more designers to know Shakr.


9. Would you recommend this course?

Free yourself from the clients and the dependent revenue structure. Shakr is a great opportunity for the designers to approach the customers with their own creation.


10. Do you have anything to say to Taewoan(lecturer)?

Thank you so much for sharing all the information and resources that each one needed. I really want to survive with all the tips you’ve taught us!



Who is Choi Hyeon Jeong?

Hyeon Jeong is a designer from the October Design Lounge Course. She's a graphic designer in many different areas such as exhibition, illustration, blending, infographics, fashion title, Shakr templates etc.

Thank you, Hyeon Jeong for the interview!

November course is on it's way with more practical tips. So keep in touch!