[15 Tips On Motion Graphics]

Are you a motion graphics designer?

 Here are some tips for you.

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1. What is motion graphics?

Understand and Begin

Motion graphics is a genre in media that recently started to attract many artists. All this started from a movie's opening. Motion graphics is growing, along with the development of technology and diversity of expression. 

Maurice Binder - Because the visual technology was limited, only simple shapes and movements were used. However, this was favoured by many because the movie's identity was expressed well.


Kyle Cooper - The movie 'Seven' was briefly made into a video with a typography that provides clue that this is a horror movie.



2. Motion Graphics and Design

Basic Elements

The basic elements of design is dot, line, side, alternation, unification, balance, repeating etc. In motion graphics, the exact same things can be applied.


A video has one frame, and when many frames are gathered, a movement is expressed. The details of motion graphics come from each frame.

     Kyle Cooper - The movie 'Seven' has a list of 30 frames that continues for 1 second each in the title sequence. (Not only on the whole movement, but they focused on each frame. Can you see the details in each frame?)


Kyle Cooper - The movie 'Seven' has a list of 30 frames that continues for 1 second each in the title sequence. (Not only on the whole movement, but they focused on each frame. Can you see the details in each frame?)

Scene and Cut
A video consists of scene/cut. Deciding which cut/scene you'll be using to express something is very important.

Composition and Density
To see the whole picture, you need to step back. This is the same for motion graphics.  If you focus on one thing too much, instead of the whole picture, you might miss the flow. A lot of designers actually struggle a lot in this part.

Motion and Music
In motion graphics, music is very important. The project's style depends on each beat that is applied. So editing music is important just like editing a video. 

Meanings in Motion
Similar to designs, motions also have meanings. If you ask 'why did you design this way?', the answer 'just because' is impossible. The speed, direction, transformation of a shape... All of them have their own meanings. A motion is made with emotions, which makes impressions.. It's not easy but you can do it too. :)

Moving Line
A line is made with motion. To make a natural movement, the use of speed and direction etc. is important. If you want a smooth, make it smooooth! If you want a splattering movement, make it splatter like a pudding!

3. Visual Delivery

Person to Realize
For a person to realize something visually, it takes more time than we think. So you need to give some extra time for something to be noticed. By continuously expressing or shortly repeating, you can help the viewers to understand the video.

People unconsciously start imagining when a something is unnatural or unseen. For example, the missing parts of a square in the image below. People naturally start imagining the missing corner. If you use this wisely, you'll be able to add more fun to your video!

4. Public

Clothes, architecture, designs etc. all have their own trend. Similarly, motion graphics does also. Following the trend can make your video classy but by sprinkling few of your thoughts as a mixture, a more interesting video can be made. :)

Motion graphics can be applied in numerous categories. Should it be only in 2D, 3D? No. Motion graphics is the best genre to apply in different categories!



5. Technology

Other than the role of a tool, it is also important to understand how a tool is used and how it's applied. We'll explain this part with more details next time.

Referring to something is your decision, but please be aware of plagiarism. Don't forget to express things in your own way!  

Hopefully we reminded of the things you thought you already knew!

We're excited for you to become a great motion graphics designer. :)