[For Better Template 02] Template Feedback Part 2

Hello! Today's a perfect day for some FEEDBACK!

The second template is

'Follow Me (Photo Version)'.  


Follow Me (Photo Version)

47s, 12 photos

[00:10] What happens when the text gets long?

Setting maximum and minimum character limit is important. When the text gets too long (like the screenshot above), the text can exceed the text box.


[00:12] Maximum character limit.

The text exceeded the text box that resulted in showing the text in the next frame. Please set the max character limit to the amount that'll fit in the text box.


[00:15] Easily read!

White letters with black background made the text stand out. Anything written in that text box will be easily read! Awesome choice :)


[00:25] This template can be used in many areas!

The template 'Follow Me' can be widely used in many areas. It can be used as advertisements, introductory or private videos. In other words, this template is open for all customers!  

[00:30] Simple and easy.

Simple and easy. More than fancy templates, many customers are looking for simple templates that can outshine the images and texts. 'Follow Me' has done a great job in staying simple, but by slightly changing the style the template was not boring.

What's the Tagline?

"Step-by-step DIY how-to video"

Do it yourself step-by-step. 

The template was originally made for how-to videos.

However, 'Follow Me' can be used for many other purposes.

Attract more customers with a tagline

that describes a multi-use template!