[For Better Template 01] Template Feedback Part 1

Hello! It's time for some FEEDBACK!

Feedback might seem unnecessary,

but this will help the templates to improve and attract more customers!

Now let's start our feedback with TRAVEL DIARY.

Travel Diary

1m 12s, 24 photos

[00:03] Maximum character limit.

The maximum character limit is important because we need to consider our foreign customers. This means that some countries will be needing extra characters. 'Travel Diary' had a good limit of max character. Great job!


[00:06] Fixed Text and minimum character limit.

A fixed text, limits the use of a template. For example, this template has a fixed text 'Travel Story' which limits the customers to those who travel. If you want to attract more customers, try making a multipurpose template that targets more customers. TIP: customers who don't have much to write won't need multiple text boxes. For these customers, set a minimum character limit to 0.


[00:11] A video that satisfies both men and women.

Who are you targeting? Men, women, children or those who love traveling? The more you target, the more customers you'll attract! And when more customers are attracted to your template...? You know what's next ;)


[00:15] Don't rush!

In 'Travel Diary', 4 images rushed by, which left no time for the viewers to enjoy the picture. For customers, each picture is a precious memory. So don't rush but invest time to impress the viewers.


[00:16] Any text can be easily read.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 3.08.20 PM.png

A colored box behind the text was an awesome choice. With this, any text can be easily read! 


[00:24] Avoid having fixed texts.

When a video involves a fixed text, only customers who want the text will use the template. If the customers decide that they don't like or want the text, they'll avoid using this template. 


[01:07] Legibility problems.

A text shadow made the text noticeable, but does this make the text clear enough? When a bright image is used as background, this causes legibility problems. In addition, text positioning is also important. In the screenshot above, the family's face is covered with the text. TIP: try placing the text where both text and image can stand out better.

What's the Tagline?

"A video for the romantic traveler."

The tagline explains that this template is about traveling.

Even though the tagline is very short,

people who love traveling will know right away

that this template is for them!