Designer Uprising: Post-event Interview – Chanho Park

Designer Uprising: Post-event Interview – Chanho Park


1.     Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Chanho Park, 25-year-old student majoring in digital media design. Currently I’m on leave of absence, in order to have different experiences and do things that I truly want to do. I am currently heading design efforts in MUNIV, a university-students-led cultural planning organization to revive University Song Festival, which was abolished in 2013, and also participating in Season 1 of D.ESIGN LOUNGE, led by Shakr and D.Camp.


2.     How did you start with design activities?
I met a friend, Eun-ji, who had intellectual disabilities when I was in fifth grade. My classmates were avoiding her, making her harder to make friends. She loved Del Monte Mango advertisement song, so I made a character named “Mangko” for her and my friends. At that moment, I felt that I could give others help with things that I could do best and loved to do. That was when I aspired to become a designer.


3.     How did you attend Shakr Designer Uprising party?
I was a registered designer at Shakr, and I received an email about the Designer Uprising party. I believed it was a good chance to meet with other designers.


4.     What did you expect from the party? Were you looking forward to it?
To cut to the chase, yes I was! I have attended other networking parties before, so I expected an environment with food and drinks, and mood that naturally encourages conversations. While I was surprised that the party itself was geared more towards the mood of a club, but still it was very energetic and I liked it.


5.     What was exactly same as, or different from your expectations?
The fact that many came with their friends was something that I expected. I was also planning to go with a friend, but the friend could not come in the last minute. A lot of the guests brought their friends along with them, and I think that was quite obvious! What I did not expect were gifts. I was not ready to receive Starbucks card and Yoon Font card. I liked the fact that the event was for designers to communicate each other, and also high-quality gifts and drinks were impressive as well. I drank until very late into the night. Secondly, it was David. He shattered my prejudices about CEOs, which was “always serious and quiet.” David was the one who led the employees to brighten the mood of the party. It felt like there were no walls between David and employees, which looked good to me.


6.     Have you made any new relationships during Designer Uprising party?
Yes, I did. As I said before, while I planned to come with a friend, but the friend had to cancel it in the last minutes. So I decided to go by myself, which was a bit of a challenge for me. Many came with their friends, so they were having a good time by themselves. However, another designer who came alone came to say hi, and soon we were naturally conversing.


7.     How did you make that new relationship?
We started as good friends, and we had more drinks together even after the party was done. Next day, I got a call about possible business opportunity together. I immediately said yes, and we are going to talk more about it over the weekend.


8.     Do you think there is a robust designer community in Korea?
No, The way designers are nurtured in Korea is a very closed environment. It is even called a 24/7 convenience store, because lights of design department in college is never turned off. Students are going through that in their 20s when they have to spend time looking at outside and gain inspiration. I tried to be active in social activities as I thought that my college years would be only remembered as number of homework that I did. And I believe that Shakr’s Designer Uprising was a start to a right direction, if not a step.


9.     Have you seen any other places that has active designer community? If you have, where was it?
No, I have not.


10.  Since this was the first Designer Uprising party, your feedback is most welcome! What do you wish it was better?
I wish each party had a concept. If there is an interesting theme, I believe the party will attract more attendees.