[Ad Video vs Personal Video]

Video ads started to increase starting from January 2015.

  (Since 2015, video ads are increasing)

(Since 2015, video ads are increasing)

We Need To Know...

ONE. What do SMB’s want?

The researches show that new business owners want advertising videos. And each of them have different requests.

  • Car dealerships: the car image needs to be clearly shown in fullscreen with no legibility problems.
  • Restaurants: a template with similar transitions that can show images with texts for writing brief explanation.
  • Businesses that provide solution: an explanation on how they help the customers to solve the problem. For example,

    #1 Opening: A newly opened restaurant's CEO smiling

    #2 Problem: CEO’s sad face + “We want video ads but we cannot afford it”

    #3 Solution: “At Shakr, anyone can easily make video ads for a cheap price.”

    #4 Closing: CEO’s happy face + “I’m happy to see lots of customers"


TWO. Self PR / increase the usage of your template

One of our Taiwanese designers, experienced a sudden increase of the template usage. Later, our Shakr team found out that the designer made a Facebook page for uploading templates. This helped the designer to do a self PR. Please click the button below to view FB page.

Video’s click-through rate was 3 times higher than images, texts and links. In other words, videos can naturally help you to PR your own template.

For designers who want a PR, Shakr is currently providing ad campaigns. With $50 ad fee, advertise a template that costs $50. And when 2 customers appear and pay for the template, you’ll receive more than the invested amount. (The designer takes 70%, which is $35 for each template that is sold.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

E designers@sha.kr