Shakr's Design Team Top 4 Tips

Welcome to the Shakr Designer’s blog! We want to take some time and share with you the same strategies and tactics we provide our talented internal design team.

Our designers are some of the best in the world. They're directors of commercials for big brands such as Nike, Samsung, and Honda, and instructors for the biggest motion graphic and media design institutions of Asia. 

On our website, you may have noticed video designs with the Shakr logo on them. This means the designs were produced by very own internal design team.

Take a look at the showreel for a quick introduction to some of those video creations. 

Each video designs has its own characteristics, and very unique in their own way. To achieve distinctively and prominent designs we advise on 4 main points. 


"The reliability of brand is influenced by the quality of video."

Video design with high-quality visuals.

Quality alone will trump whether your video content is branded or not. It is the very first thing Shakr focused on and the reason why we continue to nurture our internal design team. By keeping up with trends and never-ending education they are able to produce visually stunning videos. Quality has a crucial influence on a company's reputation and consumer's overall confidence in a brand. High-quality video designs will directly impact a customer perceptions.

Let’s say you're shopping for a new dentist and you land on a website where they're playing a cheap, out-dated commercial of their services. You’re probably going to keep it moving until you find someone more compelling. They say its bad to judge but in today's digital ecosystem we have an ambulance of everything so don't get washed away with outdated and poor quality videos. 

"A video design should have both usability and necessity."

Video designs that allow users to utilize their own resources (video / photo / text).
Video designs that allow users to create for their own needs (intro / interview / how to /Product Review, etc).

We had to think about usability once we achieved production of high-quality video designs. Flexibility in video creation is what we realized is an essential piece for users. We make our video design with different variations. Wheather you prefer more photos content, less content, or more videos, and the option to include or not to include text-- we've made sure to weigh in on options. Everyone loves pizza but in their own different ways. 

Equally as important, the "why". The reason, the purpose, the big "WHY" users create videos, to begin with, is a huge driver on how they pick their designs. Some of them want to make an interview videos, and some how-to videos, so we started making designs for different needs.

"Providing an easy-to-use video maker is not the only objective of Shakr."

Video design that increases the effectiveness of video ads (video design structure/layout variation)

This is a very important part. We want our customers to have great results when they run an ad campaign using our videos. Great results are low CPI, high conversions & sales, and high engagement - it’s about the effectiveness of video ads.

There are other easy video maker providers, but our objective wasn’t just providing an easy-to-use video maker; we wanted to provide a service that could actually leverage the marketing power of users.

Think about Super Mario. When he obtains the fire flower, he turns into Fire Mario and gains the ability to throw bouncing fireballs at enemies, right? However, we can’t say Fire Mario is stronger than normal Mario if Fire Mario doesn’t use fireballs. He gets stronger only when he actually uses his ability.

This applies to video marketing as well. Making a video doesn’t actually benefit users. Benefits are added when your video content is aligned with a marketing objective. We pay close attention to the effectiveness of video designs.

Shakr has a video effectiveness analysis team, and the team got interesting results after running various tests with our internal designers. They adopted the marketing *funnel to a video design and, based on this, they created three different variations of video designs; targeting ToFu (Top of the Funnel), Mofu (Middle of the Funnel), and BoFu (Bottom of the Funnel). They also made demo videos with sample text and media resources that fit the purpose of each video design. At first, many users made a video following the demo videos, but as time went by, they started to create a video to fit their own purpose regardless of what the demo videos showed them. After realizing this, we decided not to draw a line between purposes of different video designs and made more generalized demo videos to show users that they could use all different video designs for their own needs.

The video effectiveness team also worked hard to improve the structures and layouts of video designs to increase the effectiveness of video ads, including the length, font size, text position, color and CTA.

"Different users want different video designs."

 Diversity in video styles (modern / elegance / powerful / casual / etc.)

So far, we have over 1,700 designers from all over the world who joined the Shakr designer program. With the help of these designers, we have expand the diversity of our video designs.These design often reflects its designer’s unique characteristics and cultural nuances. Shakr currently has over 3,000 designs, which is more than any other competitors offers.We pride ourselves on the diversity of our team and videos.
We still want to create more and better video designs so we can satisfy our users from all over the world and the ever-changing consumer demand. Shakr is a global video design platform and we welcome video designs that have character! Our internal designers keep their eyes wide open for new innovating styles.

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*Marketing funnel: The marketing funnel is a tool that helps you visualize the buyer journey, or the path a prospect takes as they become familiar with your company, from introduction to conversion.
*Version: It means a variation of a video design. It’s called ‘video design variations’ in the creators dashboard.
*Creators dashboard: The website where designers upload their video designs.