[For Better Template 03] Template Feedback Part 3

It's FEEDBACK time!

The third template to receive feedback

is 'Tour-in-a-box'.

Shall we begin?

Tour-in-a-box (Orange)

1m 05s, 14 photos

[00:05] Great way to start!

The start/beginning is important in all things. In other words, the first frame of a template is important too. 'Tour-in-a-box' had a very simple but a noticeable first frame. 


[00:11] Auto capitalization.

Some designers have auto capitalization to make the template look more neat. But OOPS! One text box was left out from auto capitalization. To prevent these mistakes, please check multiple times before upload. 


[00:16] Simple.

Many customers have been requesting simple templates that can easily display images and texts. This template is exactly what our Shakr customers wanted! A very simple yet ON POINT template. :)


[00:24] Neat.

'Tour-in-a-box' can be used anywhere! Not only for tourism but for many other purposes. (e.g. car dealerships, shopping malls, private travel diary, product advertisement...). TIP: to attract more customers, choose background music that can be used for many purposes.


[00:35] Easy.

The viewers can easily receive information from this template. A brief but necessary information can be written in the small text boxes. Fantastic job!


[00:44] Simple transition.

Throughout the whole template, only simple designs and transitions were used. But this simpleness was not boring at all. Simple and diverse transitions made the template more interesting!


[00:50] Character limit.

When the text is long, the characters started to go out of the text box. Setting a good amount of max and min character limit is important. Do you see the text peaking out? Enough to write a sentence, but not too much. TIP: foreign customers might also use your template. This means that some countries will need extra characters.


[01:00] Legibility problems.

All texts are white with orange or yellow background. Provide a colored box behind the text, and any text will be easily noticed! Great job :)

What's the Tagline?


With this template

you can show off anything!

'Tour-in-a-box' is a great example

of a simple, yet powerful template.