[2014 TOP3 Shakr Designers] Top 3 Slimteam

What is Shakr to Designers?

Total: Sold 303 templates, Earned $10,000+
(DEC 31, 2014)



How did you know Shakr?

A friend introduced me to Shakr. 


What made you  to join Shakr?

Currently, I'm running a motion graphics studio 'Slimteam', and I've been having doubts because of the unreasonable contracts and incomes with the clients. I felt that we needed our own contents so we wanted to start selling templates. And in that process, I heard of Shakr and noticed that Shakr was already ahead of us. I figured that by uploading Slimteam's templates we could get profits. That's how we decided to join Shakr.


What is Shakr to you?

When I tell other designers about Shakr, they fear that their work will increase. However, Shakr's system helps customers to easily approach videos. Of course, when there's something positive, the negative part also exists. When a private designer makes a video for one client, the designer receives certain details on how the client wants the video to be. And with those details we make high quality videos. However, because Shakr is focused on templates, we can't focus on only one client. Still, the designers don't need to fear about their job being increased, but instead use this Shakr system to receive additional profit. 



How is it possible to keep your current job while being a Shakr designer?

When a motion graphics designer starts working, it's really hard to make separate time. In my opinion, using spare time to make templates is efficient. If you add some effort to receive additional profit, you'll definitely have good results.


What would you tell other designers about Shakr?

Shakr has the advantage that even with one template you can earn profit. With one template, you can make constant incomes.


SLIMTEAM mainly designs promotional/stage videos for broadcasting shows/dramas. The major works were SBS show 'Thank you' teaser/computer graphics, SBS drama 'Faith' and MBC 'Star Audition: The Great Birth' opening title, JTBC 'Hot Entertainment News' program package, 'Miracle Korea' 1st episode opening/stage.


Slimteam has currently made 1,105 templates in total and is loved by numerous customers. The total number is the amount of customer's use which includes events and services with free templates. Although free templates all have Shakr watermarks, it was used by many customers because it doesn't disturb the video. The total sale number is the actual amount that was sold excluding free templates.


Thank you for your interview, designer Slimteam.

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