[Shakr Designers Award 2014] Top 2. Bo-kyu Kwon

What is Shakr to Designers?

Total: Sold 675 templates, Earned $20,000+
(DEC 31, 2014)



How did you know Shakr?

The CEO of Shakr called me and informed me about it. Then through internet, I got to know Shakr better.


What made you  to join Shakr?

As a designer, I saw the opportunity to earn additional profits.


What is Shakr to you?

It took some time to make and optimize templates in the beginning, but after the upload was complete, I was surprised with the monthly incomes. 



How is it possible to keep your current job while being a Shakr desginer?

Excluding the time you spend in the beginning, you don't need spend any more time. That's why it doesn't bother me when I'm doing something else.


What would you tell other designers about Shakr?

It might seem hard in the beginning, but when you start step-by-step, later you'll be getting more incomes.


Who's Gwon Bogyu?

Bogyu started his career as a mobile service planner/designer at Pandora TV. He produced many promotional videos, music videos, info-graphics etc. Currently he's a designer in Shakr and develops various contents.

Gwon Bogyu has currently made 1,835 templates in total and is loved by numerous customers. The total number is the amount of customer's use which includes events and services with free templates. Although free templates all have Shakr watermarks, it was used by many customers because it doesn't disturb the video. The total sale number is the actual amount that was sold excluding free templates.


Thank you for your interview, designer Gwon Bogyu.

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