[2014 TOP3 Shakr Designers] TOP1 DREAMING

What is Shakr to Designers?

Total: Sold 406 videos, Earned $20,000+

(DEC 31, 2014) constantly increasing.


How did you know Shakr?

I had connection even before Shakr started and I've participated in making it also. Probably everyone who made a video at least once, thought of the question 'wouldn't it be possible for everyone to easily make videos?' At least I had that thought all the time. And that's how I met Shakr Media. I'm looking forward to provide good contents and communicate with customers through Shakr.


What made you to join Shakr?

I naturally joined because of the connection to Shakr. Of course, as a video producer/designer, Shakr is a great platform. Shakr has become a solution for customers who needs a video and a great partner for designers. All these thoughts led me to Shakr Media.


What is Shakr to you?

I'm currently working as a media designer and I collaborate with people in other categories to create new contents. So I'm a freelancer. In my opinion, Shakr is a great platform and a tool for designers like me. For private media designers(freelancers), it's hard to produce numerous videos in a limited time. However, what if we apply an already made video into Shakr and create a whole new contents? In other words, customers who need videos can make their own videos easily and affordably. And for designers, additional profit will be made.


Sometimes, I also make new contents with Shakr Media. And Shakr is currently providing numerous contents. Diverse ads for SMBs, wedding/baby, travel, marketing videos... A designer can make whichever template they want, whenever they are free. Recently, a wedding video in Shakr was being promoted online. As for me, I'm planning to work on food related contents and wedding videos.



How is it possible to keep your current job while being a Shakr desginer?

I've never thought that being a Shakr designer was a different job. This is also a very important fact for me. Because when I look in the big picture, I feel like I'm making a new path by being part of Shakr. However, for some parts it is true that it's hard to fit everything into my schedule. As a freelancer, a lot of the time I need to handle many things by myself. But I think that when Shakr and the designer do their best to understand each other, the connection will be naturally made. This is still hard, but it's definitely something that we all need to work on!


What would you tell other designers about Shakr?

Just like the beginning of web designs, it took a long time for the template market to form. However, you'll realize that the templates has become a financial solution for those who need websites. This has also become a new opportunity for web designers. For those with many experiences, this will provide additional profit and for starters, this will be a great opportunity. What would be a better way to express yourself other than my own template? Shakr is a platform for those who make or need videos.

Who's 'Dreaming' ?

'Dreaming' is the No.1 designer (by revenue) and the templates are loved by many customers. 

Customers have made 750 videos using Dreaming templates. Although free templates all have Shakr watermarks, it was used by many customers because it doesn't disturb the video. The total sale number is the actual amount that was sold excluding free templates.


Thank you for your interview, designer Dreaming.

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